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Hey everyone. So I get a lot of messages on here, and a lot of you are asking the same things, which is why I thought it might be helpful if I do another post with some of the most asked questions! I don’t mean to be nasty when I answer these, but there are some things I use Tumblr for, and some things I don’t. Please don’t be put off asking me any other questions though, as I do like answering you guys! 

Do you have kik / skype?
I have neither. As nice as it is you want to see more / talk, I only post on Tumblr and am not looking to have any private communications.

Can we trade pictures?
As above, all pictures of me that I want other people to see will be posted publicly on my blog :) If you want to submit me a picture then please do! I enjoy knowing what you naughty people are up to, and will occasionally post my favourites (as long as you say it’s okay!)

Submit to my blog?
I occasionally submit pictures to blogs I like, but pestering me about doing so will not be the best way to get my attention!

Follow me?
I love finding new blogs to follow, but don’t like having a cluttered dash. If you think you have a blog that will genuinely interest me (and you’re not just after more followers!) then I don’t mind if you send me a message :)

Can we see your face?
Nope. This is a very personal blog, and displays a side of me that I don’t usually express publicly! As such, it’s best my identity stays hidden. Also, the anonymity makes me even more likely to express my filthiest desires - which I’m sure you’re not going to complain about!

There are a couple on my blog already, have fun searching! I might post more in the future, so keep your eyes peeled :p

Can you post a picture of….?
I like to know what you guys enjoy, and don’t mind requests, but please don’t be offended if I don’t respond to every one I get! This blog is an outlet for what I like to do, and what turns me on, and I wouldn’t be comfortable doing something just because somebody asked me to.

Hope this is okay with everyone and you don’t think I’m being harsh! Just thought it would be helpful :) Thanks for following and hope you’re all enjoying the blog! Little Wench xx


I get quite a lot of messages, some of them asking the same thing, so I thought I’d post a little FAQ thing which will hopefully be helpful to you scrummy followers wanting to know more :)

Will update this as and when I think of anything else important, lots of Little Wench love! xx